Wildlife China: The Critically Endangered Chinese Alligator

Av John Smither

The Chinese alligator is Critically Endangered and will soon become extinct if drastic action is not taken. Learn about what caused such a huge decline in the numbers of this large reptile, and discover what humans are doing to try and help the alligator. Discover what Chinese alligators eat, where they live and how they spend their time. Read about some of the places where you can see an alligator close up, and find out how long these animals live in captivity.

Anbefalt alder: 9+

Kategori: Books from America, Books in English, English, English Non-fiction

Språk: Engelsk

Forteller: Jocelyn Ahlf - Brabec

Illustratør: Dejan Petreski

ISBN: 978-82-322-2203-2