The Most Beautiful Stories of Magic and Spells

Av Stefania Leonardi Hartley

Discover magical forests, enchanted woods, witches, fairies and elves in this collection of beautifully illustrated stories for children. You can enjoy the following twelve tales: Rose White and Rose Red, The Elf Prince, The Fair with Golden Hair, Princess Babiole, Jorinde and Joringel, The Doe in the Woods, Hans my Hedgehog, The Blue Bird, Marmot, The White Cat, The Seven Ravens, The Orange Tree and the Bee.

Anbefalt alder: 5+

Kategori: Books in English, Popular Books, UK Publishers

Språk: English (Great Britain)

Forteller: Max, Tellary IVS

Illustratør: Sara Torretta

ISBN: 978-82-322-5877-2