The Most Beautiful Stories for Little Children

Av Stefania Leonardi Hartley

Discover an enchanting world where giants and princesses roam alongside magical animals in this beautifully illustrated collection of stories for little children. Rediscover classic tales and soon-to-be favourites such as: The Selfish Giant, Cat and Mouse, The Skilled Princess, The Peacock and the Stork, The Gingerbread Man, The Hare and the Porcupine, Zeus and the Tortoise, Five in a Pod, The Monkey and the Dolphin, Three Little Pigs, The Princess on the Glass Hill and more.

Anbefalt alder: 5+

Kategori: Books in English, Popular Books, UK Publishers

Språk: English (Great Britain)

Forteller: Max, Tellary IVS

Illustratør: Teresa Alberini

ISBN: 978-82-322-5885-7