Terrestrial Biomes - Temperate Forest Vol 1

Av Mihailo Babic

Temperate forests are found in many parts of Europe, Asia and the USA. They are famous for looking particularly attractive when the leaves of their trees change color in the fall. They are also home to many beautiful flowers during the spring months. Lots of animals and birds make their homes in temperate forests, including wild boar, woodpeckers, weasels, foxes and squirrels. Sadly, like all of Earth’s biomes, these important forests are under threat from human activity.

Anbefalt alder: 9+

Kategori: Books from America, Books in English, English, English Non-fiction

Språk: Engelsk

Forteller: Jocelyn Ahlf - Brabec

Illustratør: Ivan Dukovski

ISBN: 978-82-322-2271-1