Take a Look Inside a Castle

Av Lotte Mitchell Reford

Find out all about castles. Why were they built, who lived in them, and what are they supposed to look like inside? With full color illustrations to show you what castles were like in the past, this book is perfect for any little historian. Do you know where the best place to build a castle was? Or who lived in them? You will after reading this book! There are enough interesting facts in this book to keep the reader turning the pages to learn more and more, and a glossary of castle-related terms

Anbefalt alder: 9+

Kategori: Books from America, Books in English, English, English Non-fiction

Språk: Engelsk

Forteller: Brendan Hunter

Illustratør: Gorjan Chaushevski

ISBN: 978-82-322-6475-9