Ripley Readers - All true and unbelievable! – Sharks!

Av Korynn Freels

Easy to read, fun to see, and filled with amazing things, kids (even reluctant readers) will love Ripley Readers! With Sharks!, kids aren't only learning to read, they're learning fin-tastic facts about sharks. Did you know that the Greenland shark can live for 300 years? Filled with stunning photography and easy-to-read writing, this Level 1 book covers everything from little and big sharks to silly and amazing sharks. It's all true and unbelievable!

Anbefalt alder: 4+

Kategori: Books in English, Popular Books

Språk: English (Great Britain)

Forteller: Stephen, Tellary IVS

Illustratør: Rose Audette

ISBN: 978-16-099-1435-6