INSECTS : Wasps The Life of the Wasp

Av Kiril Arsovski

Lots of people don’t like wasps very much. They’re afraid of getting stung and don’t understand what wasps actually do for us! Did you know that wasps actually help control the populations of other insects? Or that they help pollinate lots of different types of plants? Learn all about wasps, and discover why they are actually very important. Read about some of the biggest wasps in the world and find out how wasps build their nests

Anbefalt alder: 9+

Kategori: Books from America, Books in English, English, English Non-fiction

Språk: Engelsk

Forteller: Jocelyn Ahlf - Brabec

Illustratør: Ivo Brankovikj

ISBN: 978-82-322-4457-7